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In appreciation of their appreciation, the Secret Barrel Society was created to support our most avid sour beer followers by hosting special beer centric experiences. Previous SBS members helped our small sour program grow and enabled us to experiment and release new sour beer blends and varieties not otherwise possible without their support.


secret barrel society
With the expansion of our sour brewery in 2016, expect a wider variety of rare and limited release brews to hit the lottery, so claim your spot in the society to gain full access to all of these beers and then some. As our program has grown over the years, we are pleased to be able to offer SBS memberships this year with more benefits at a lower cost.


2016 Secret Barrel Society Membership: $150


We expect 4 separate sour releases in 2016, with multiple individual beers per release. Pending availability, each bottle release will include (6) bottles of beer, per individual beer, for reservation. The following individual beers are expected to be released over the membership duration of 2016:


The following will be released in 750 ml bottles:
Blackberry – Cauldron – VinoSynth Red – VinoSynth White – Black Raspberry
Blueberry – Persimmon – Peach – Pawpaw – Phyllis #2
Kiwi – Sour Reserve 7 – Collaboration Beer One – Fresh Oak Brett
Strawberry – Raspberry – Mayhaw – Collaboration Beer Two
We are transitioning the following beer in 500 ml bottles in 2016 for purchase:
Dantalion – Malefactor – Peach – Cherry


Please note, the beer is not included in your membership fee. Your membership purchase guarantees availability of all Upland Sour Ales before any public sale occurs. Your beer must still be purchased at a retail location (Indianapolis or Bloomington) after it is released.


Your membership also includes:

  • Two Upland Sour Program custom glasses
  • One Secret Barrel Society T-Shirt
  • 1 free general admission ticket to Sour Wild and Funk Fest
  • Free entry to a members only event immediately following the Sour + Wild + Funk Fest (one guest will be allowed for each member at no additional cost)
  • Free entry to a food and sour beer pairing event at the brewery before the end of the year (one guest will be allowed for each member at no additional cost)
  • Several new experimental beers, not mentioned above, released for the first time available exclusively to members for purchase
  • Bimonthly updates through the Secret Barrel Society e-newsletter
  • VIP access to the Grand Opening of our new Bloomington Sour House (one guest allowed)
  • Quarterly SBS-Only Tours and Tastings offered at the Bloomington Sour House
  • Other awesome events and benefits we decide to add on, spuriously and with adequately questionable notice, throughout the year for members

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Questions? Contact [email protected]
secret barrel society


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