Upland Brewing Women’s Cycling is a team launched in 2020 that wishes to personify a positive mentality and seeks to educate others on bicycle safety, inspire more women to take up cycling, and bring a new women’s team to the Midwest. Each woman on this team has committed to treating others with kindness, promoting sponsors in an honest and positive way, and learning to work together as a team. 


This new cycling team will be committed to the surrounding communities and their dedicated sponsors.The team wishes to have a positive impact by volunteering to visit schools to educate children on cycling, and work towards getting more people on bikes.


The following will be sponsors for the team in 2020: Upland Brewing Co. (Title Sponsor), Gray Goat Bicycle Co., The Inkwell, ROKA, Eliel, Dell Brothers Clothing, and InBloom Juicery. The women’s team will have a locally focused race calendar for the 2020 season in order to establish themselves as a collective group in the area and to start off the birth of the team by supporting local by racing local.


The idea of this women’s team stemmed from Bloomington local, Brooke Hannon. Previously racing at the highest level of criterium racing, in the USA Crit Series, Brooke felt she was ready to slow down her cycling career to develop as a rider herself and give back to her community in 2020. 


“Upland was definitely on my mind as a sponsor since it already had a men’s team established, but it wasn’t until a good friend at work, who previously worked at Upland, pushed me to reach out to the brewery for me that this idea came to life. I am super thankful for all of the welcoming and support I have felt from the staff at the brewery and the men’s team!” -Brooke Hannon


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