Champagne Velvet by Tom Roznowski

Today is the day!!!! The Champagne Velvet Launch Party! Enjoy this little jingle and be ready for some horse-drawn, beer carryin’ wagons!

CV Photo Contest Winners

We’d like to send a huge thank you to everyone who participated in our Champagne Velvet Treasure Hunt. We received some truly amazing and inspiring photos, which made us even more thrilled to be reviving CV. That being said, we couldn’t just choose one winner, we had to pick two: John Becker Steven Mayfield John […]

Champagne Velvet Release Party

Be a part of history as we relaunch the state’s most beloved beer of all time, Champagne Velvet, in the city of its origin, Terre Haute IN. Join us on Saturday, April 6 as this much anticipated beer will again become available to residents of the Wabash Valley, and shortly thereafter far beyond. To celebrate […]

Champagne Velvet Treasure Hunt

Leading up to the April 6 Champagne Velvet launch extravaganza in the streets of Terre Haute, we’ve been running a photo contest incorporating CV memorabilia. If you have any CV memorabilia, or you run across any, snap some Instagram photos and tag us @uplandbrewco with hashtag #CVMemory. We’re taking photos until midnight April 1. The […]