A Pearpawsterous collaboration with Cascade

Our new collaboration beer with Cascade Brewing. Pearpawsterous represents a blending of our two programs featuring local fruits from both Indiana and Oregon and their individual house cultures. “We are very excited to share our collaboration with Cascade with beer drinkers across the country. Pearpawsterous is everything you would expect from two of America’s most experienced wood-aged […]

Addressing potential Pawpaw issues

Each year, we strive to make a number of world-class sour ales with a variety of whole fruits. In June, we once again released Pawpaw to our Secret Barrel Society Members and through our public lottery. This unique fruit is indigenous to our home state of Indiana and creates one of our most complex, delicious […]

The Indiana Banana

We’re so excited to have the pawpaw make it’s Upland Sour Ale debut in the upcoming sour release! The pawpaw is North America’s temperate tropical fruit and it’s largest edible native fruit. The trees grow in deep woods over nearly all the eastern half of the United States. This fruit is a highly sought after […]