We’re so excited to have the pawpaw make it’s Upland Sour Ale debut in the upcoming sour release! The pawpaw is North America’s temperate tropical fruit and it’s largest edible native fruit. The trees grow in deep woods over nearly all the eastern half of the United States. This fruit is a highly sought after forgeable and can be found all around Indiana.


In early fall of last year we set out into the woods in search of the delicious Indiana Banana. Richard Owens, a local expert on pawpaws, led us into the hills on the hunt. The key to successful hunting is to look up. If you spot them high in the branches, give the tree a good shake and watch your head.








Our hunt was not as fruitful as we’d hoped but we learned a lot from Richard and enjoyed our tromp through the woods.




Get your hands on our new Pawpaw sour ale by entering the April sour lottery!


Asiminia triloba, or Pawpaw, is the largest fruit bearing plant native to North America. Due to the lack of commercial cultivation and the quick perishable nature of the fruit, this highly prized forageable finds its way into regional dishes throughout the United States. Although known by many names, we proudly incorporated the Indiana Banana into our family of sour ales. This golden sour ale was created by aging Sour Reserve on fresh Pawpaw fruit from Indiana. Expect a flavor of soft tropical fruits with mild lactic acid tanginess. We recommend rosemary rubbed pork chops and dark chocolate to join this beer with other fellow dining companions.


The lottery opens April 23 at 12pm at uplandsours.eventbrite.com. Cheers!









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