Since we moved into our new facility on the west side of Bloomington, Upland has been producing more small batch beers and expanded our seasonal lineup. Over the next two months we will release several seasonal beers, so we figured it was time to whet your appetite with what is coming up.

This week, we release two seasonal beers.  The first is Lightwave Belgian Pale Ale, a well-balanced pale ale fermented with Belgian yeast. This gives Lightwave distinctive Trappist yeast characteristics of slightly fruity esters and zesty phenols. Crisp Munich malt provides a sweet malt finish.  Lightwave is available only on draft. ABV: 5.3, IBU: 27

Also being released this week is our Maibock. This pale bock lager, also known as a Helles bock, is a relatively new style when compared to it’s kindred, the bock and the doppelbock. Maibock, literally meaning “May Bock,” is brewed to be released in the late spring and to be drank during the transition between the harsh cold winter and the warm hot summer.  It is lighter in color and body than other bock beers, and our Maibock delivers an authentic Bavarian taste–a full body with a complex, sweet malt character, balanced by a sturdy German hop profile that creates a crisp, dry finish.  Maibock is available on draft. ABV: 6.4, IBU: 21.9

Next week, our brand new seasonal, Campside Session IPA, releases for the first time. Campside is a light and effervescent beer, giving you delicate hops, little malt, and a clean finish. This beer is perfect for hot summer days and warm summer night by a campfire.  Campside carries crisp notes of grapefruit, apricot, and pine with a subtle bitterness.  Campside will be available in bottles and on draft. ABV: 4.5, IBU: 35

Look for these beers to hit stores in the next couple weeks. If you don’t see them, ask your favorite store, bar, or restaurant to stock them.