Employee Spotlight: Samantha Marr Can Market

Employee Spotlight: Samantha Marr Can Market Beer

If you’re reading this, chances are you are well aware of our world-class beer. What you may not know is our beer is only as interesting and approachable as the people who make it. Today, we’re proud to spotlight just one of our many talented (and yes, interesting) team members.

Spring Is Calling

Sometimes, after a long day out in the wilderness, you just want to get back to camp and unwind, the flickering flames of the fire gently coaxing you to sleep. This beer isn’t for those times. No, our brightly hopped Campside Session IPA is made to keep the party going—not put it to bed. This […]

Yes, We Can!

And we did! Yesterday we canned our beer for the first time, and today Campside Session IPA is available in cans at all four Upland locations. There’s been a lot going on with canning the last few years, and for good reason. You can take cans where glass isn’t allowed and kegs aren’t convenient- the […]

New Beer Releases

Since we moved into our new facility on the west side of Bloomington, Upland has been producing more small batch beers and expanded our seasonal lineup. Over the next two months we will release several seasonal beers, so we figured it was time to whet your appetite with what is coming up. This week, we […]