Employee Spotlight: Samantha Marr Can Market BeerIf you’re reading this, chances are you are well aware of our world-class beer. What you may not know is our beer is only as interesting and approachable as the people who make it. Today, we’re proud to spotlight just one of our many talented (and yes, interesting) team members.

Samantha Marr knows marketing, and she’s been doing it for the Upland Brewing Company brand for three years last month (happy work-iversary, Samantha)! What all does marketing entail, you ask? She’s the witty person behind the fluttering fingers on the keyboard that runs our social media, website, newsletters and blog (though no, she isn’t writing this one. Her cloak of humility is too strong for that).

Please enjoy getting to know Samantha!

Samantha Marr Can Market Beer
Upland in the ’90s

When did you first learn about Upland, and what drew you to want to work here?

In the late ‘90s my parents and their friends drank Upland Dragonfly and Wheat Ale out of those very iconic, original glass bottles with photographed labels, so I recognized the brand right away when I moved to Bloomington for college at Indiana University. As far as working for the company, it was the delicious beer, good friends and good timing that brought me to Upland.

What does your day-to-day look like for Upland?

I start the day like most people, reading industry news, catching up on emails, and going over my to-do list. No matter what is going on, my everyday tasks include some level of involvement with our digital presence, sponsorships, advertising and analytics. I think it’s important to understand how Upland is being presented to the world, so I spend a lot of time visiting our different locations, partnership venues, and stores where Upland is sold. When on the road driving between Upland locations, I like to listen to marketing podcasts to expand my education. I’m also constantly observing how other brands (not just breweries) are approaching their customers. I’ve always loved people-watching, so it comes as no surprise this is a big source of inspiration for me.

What is your favorite Upland beer?

I can’t choose just one! In my late 20s, I had my first sour ale, Upland Blackberry, and a whole new world of beer possibilities opened up for me. I am now a huge fan of tarts and sours. Our garage fridge is currently stocked with Dragonfly and Campside for my husband, and Two of Tarts and a few sours for me. And Oktoberfest. And we always have Champagne Velvet… because everyone likes Champagne Velvet!

What resonates with you about the Upland brand?

Upland has been a part of so many of my major life events. And it’s not just me! I am constantly talking to people about their fond memories from one of our locations or while drinking one of our beers. Going from brand fan to employee can be kind of scary, but I can honestly say that my affinity for Upland has only grown over the last three years. I think that’s a testament to both former and current employees’ commitment to upholding the core values our company was built on.

What is your favorite thing about working for Upland?

Upland is a place where everyone can feel at home; it’s a place that is equally respectful of tradition and open to change. I am also very grateful for all my amazing, respectful coworkers.

1st Day of Plant School!
1st Day of Plant School!

Outside of your work life, what’s something else you’re passionate about?

I love everything to do with the botanical world!

My passion for plants started when I began working in an office more than a decade ago. I found that I missed the outdoors, so I purchased my first plant from the City Market Farmer’s Market downtown. After my mom and I grew all the flowers for my wedding in 2016, we were inspired to complete the Master Gardener certification. We also just grew and dried all the flowers for my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding that took place at the end of October this year. Since Indiana winters are not very conducive to outdoor gardening, I’ve amassed a collection of over 200 houseplants to help keep my hands dirty (in the best way) year-round.

Let’s raise a glass (preferably filled with a Two of Tarts) to Samantha for pulling the veil back on the work behind the Upland brand. Cheers to you, and thanks for all you do!

Photos by Julia Elise Collective | juliaelise.co | @juliaelise.co
Photos by Julia Elise Collective | juliaelise.co | @juliaelise.co – October 2022
Photos by Navy Blue Photography
Photos by Navy Blue Photography – August 2016





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