The Side Trail Series is back in 2016! With winter in full force, we’ve got a little something to help get your fire started. This love potion is infused with four different aphrodisiacs: oysters (meat and shells), chocolate, chili peppers, and of course, everyone’s favorite, alcohol. Think of it as a kind of natural ale enhancement.


Carpet Burn brew pours pitch black with a creamy, long lasting tan head. The initial aroma is of rich dark chocolate with subtle roasted peppers.  The flavor adds a mild sweetness, hints of dates, and roasted malt.  It finishes with a slight lingering head with mild roast character and heat. This beer will be available on draught in all Upland locations starting this month.




Thanks to No Coast Reserve for helping us pick out the oysters!


Food pairings: Oysters, beef or venison, barbecue, spicy Mexican dishes, mellow blue cheeses, dark chocolate or chocolate cake.

ABV: 7%   IBU: 20



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