Side Trail Series #1 Carpet Burn Oyster Stout

carpet burn oyster stout

The Side Trail Series is back in 2016! With winter in full force, we’ve got a little something to help get your fire started. This love potion is infused with four different aphrodisiacs: oysters (meat and shells), chocolate, chili peppers, and of course, everyone’s favorite, alcohol. Think of it as a kind of natural ale enhancement. […]

Teddy Bear Kisses

“The worst days are the ones when I see the light. The light you shine into the darkness to retrieve something long ago abandoned. But you don’t reach for me, you’ll never reach for me. I could be loved again, I think I remember how.” For the memories, xoxo Teddy Winter’s coming… and you’ll need […]

Find Teddy

Fall is finally here. You know what that means… stout season is upon us! We’ve already seen a few Teddy sightings on social media so keep them coming. We’ll be compiling our favorite #teddybearkisses shots over the next few weeks and creating a Facebook album with them. November 1 we will pick our favorite photo […]