Our friends at Oliver Winery have had a hand in our Sour Ale program since the beginning in 2006. Upland’s first oak barrels were part of a beer trade with Oliver. We are excited to bring the partnership with Oliver full circle with the Vinosynth Red sour.


Pete & Nick talk about Vinosynth Red


VinoSynth Red is a blend of 50% Basis lambic-style ale and 50% Crimson Flanders-style Red Ale aged on Catawba grapes. Catawba is a native North American variety, known for making jams and jellies, and distinctly juice, fruity, exotic wines. Crimson was blended with Basis to develop more body, mild bourbon barrel character, and a layered acidity to complement the Catawba’s innate sweet, fruity notes.


Let’s talk process:
Grapes are harvested on the vine at Oliver’s Creekbend Vineyard, a magical landscape in Southern Indiana with hilly, limestone soil that’s ideal for vines. Catawba grapes are then transferred to large totes that each hold 1,300lbs of sweetness, and slowly driven through the winding roads of Monroe County to Oliver Winery.

Back at the winery the grapes are destemmed and put back into a freshly cleaned and sanitized tote that’s uploaded onto an Upland truck for transportation to The Wood Shop.


The grapes and their tart juices are put into 5 gallon buckets and frozen to help break up the fruit for at least 48 hours. Once thawed they’ll be put into wine barrels that are more neutral than oaky and aged for 3 months before getting added to the beer, bottled, and ready for your enjoyment.


The same process is used for another limited release sour, Vinosynth White, using the Valvin Muscat grape variety from Oliver.


This batch of Vinosynth Red will be ready in early 2017. Vintage 2015 Vinosynth Red can be purchased at The Wood Shop and enjoyed on site.

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