This might be the first time you’ve heard of us, or maybe you’ve seen someone out on the road in  an Upland Brewing cycling outfit and wondered what the story was- well we’re here to tell you that story. A story that is much more than just adults wearing lycra (or as we like to call them our “year round Halloween costumes”) who “play bike racer” on the weekends. This is a story of sacrifice, comradery, panache but most importantly of passion for these two-wheeled wonders we have an obsession with . This is the story of how a brewery and a bike team joined forces to reshape the subculture of cycling. A story that is still being written and one we’re excited to share.

Before we get into the nuances of the sport (race recaps and the like), we should take a moment to introduce ourselves. We’re a group of weekend warriors  : students, engineers, business professionals, artists, husbands, and community advocates. All balancing sport with our daily lives in the “real world,” but all connected with the same competitive spirit and desire to do it together as a team, while having a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

It began 10 years ago on a back porch with craft beers in our hands (and consume them we did – you’ve got to get the creative juices flowing, am I right?) Myself and a handful of college teammates who didn’t know any better had the idea to start our own team, but we wanted to do it on our terms. It was a team built on friendships and fun first and foremost. Success was always secondary, but a team built on friendships and fun soon began to produce results along with the start of something we never could have imagined.

Fast forward and here we are 10 years later with plenty of outstanding results, but more importantly some amazing memories that were created along the way. We’re excited to look back and share some of those with you more in depth as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary this season and the unique stories of those who have made the fabric of the Upland Brewing Cycling Team. Stay tuned for the upcoming post where we look back in the rear view mirror to this most recent season 2018 season.

We hope you’ll join us along this ride – and as we’d say in proper cycling fashion, “keep the rubber side down!”



Spencer Dell

Upland Brewing Cycling Team | President & Founder



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