Tour de Upland is August 15th – 17th at Camp Framasa in Nashville, Indiana. Registration for the Weekend and Core Experiences include all the beer, biking, food, live music and camping your heart could desire. We have just released our 2014 Tour de Upland cycling routes! Maps and elevations can be found below so you can start training for the route of your choice. This year we have our 18 mile Dragonfly, 35 mile Nuthugger and 65 mile Campside. Campside and Nuthugger will be combined to create the 100.6 mile Infinite Wisdom century ride. 

Listed are our routes for 2014 Tour de Upland. Remember you can mix and match, or travel off our marked paths, to create your ideal cycling experience.

Dragonfly – 18 miles



Nuthugger – 35 miles


Campside – 65 miles




Infinite Wisdom – 100 miles

Interested in Mountain biking? Check out these trails.

Brown County Mountain Biking Ride Guide

Brown County Map


The Trails

The Hesitation Point Trail is probably the most popular trail in the park. The view at the top is gorgeous. It’s ridden as an out-and-back or a connector, and it features a two-mile climb or descent depending on your direction of travel. It’s labeled as an intermediate trail, but there is lots of elevation change and a few technical features. The downhill run takes around ten minutes for an experienced rider. Watch out for oncoming traffic.
The Green Valley Trail is the newest and longest trail in the system, and it has quickly become one of the most popular due to its great “flow” characteristics that wind it through scenic, rolling, green hillsides. It was professionally built utilizing machine trail-building techniques. It is also one of the most remote trails, so be prepared to get just a little bit further away from civilization if you ride it.
Schooner Trace is the crown jewel of statewide trailbuilding efforts so far.  It’s a double-black diamond trail with some big penalties for failure.  It’s really taking everyone’s riding to the next level around here. We recommend that any advanced rider that visits the area should combine Schooner Trace with Walnut Trail as part of their ride.
Limekiln Trail is often overlooked because it is the furthest trail away from the main parking lot, and it is rated as a beginner trail.  Local riders use descriptor terms like ‘roller-coaster’ and ‘downhill both ways’ for this trail.  If you’re camping in the park, this will be the first trail you hit leaving the campground.  Get ready to scream with joy.
Aynes Loop and North Tower Loop have always been the foundation for any good, long Brown County ride.  They were among the first trails built and their combination of fairly lengthy climbs and descents are in many ways the essence of the Brown County experience.  
Most people park near the North Gate entrance.  One of our favorite downhill runs is the last one of the day down to the car.  As you head back on the North Gate Trail the last mile is a smokin’ fast downhill run with a few jumps, some berms and a section of whoop-de-doos that will put an exclamation point on your day of riding.
Outside of the state park trails the best alternative ride is the Nebo Ridge Trail in the Hoosier National Forest.  The trails in the HNF definitely have a more back-country feel.  They’re way more remote, rougher, and much less polished.  Connect the sixteen mile out-and-back of Nebo Ridge with trails 18, 19 and 20 of the Hickory Ridge Trail System and you’re in for a huge, southern Indiana classic back-country ride.  There are also two nice, private trail systems nearby at eXplore Brown County and Gnaw Bone Camp.”

If you aren’t registered yet visit to do so. And because we want all of you guys to come and can’t wait to party with y’all, if you register by June 21st with the code RIDEWITHUS you will receive 15% off your total registration price.

Live music Friday night with Busman’s Holiday and Saturday night with Chainsaw Mondays and John Dehner & The Enthusiasts.

So come party with us, we’ll bring the beer.

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