The Wood Shop, located next to the Upland Pub on 11th street, will allow Upland to offer larger quantities and more variety in our sour beer program. The brew team is working hard to develop new, innovative beers that will define the American sour beer movement. The opening of The Wood Shop is the first step that will allow us to make that happen.

Upland’s sour beers are complex ales that are easy to enjoy no matter where you are along your journey with craft beer. We urge all curious beer drinkers to come out and try these truly one of a kind beers. Upland sours provide a unique drinking experience that will expose your pallet to new and interesting flavors that make you rethinking what you thought you knew beer to be.

There will be a number of beers on tap, including many new beers that have not previously been released. There will also be old favorites such as Cherry, Peach, Darken (formerly Dantillon) and Crimson (formerly Malefactor). This is the first time such a large number of our sour beers are offered at the same time so this is an experience not to be missed. Come out and join us for the festivities May 21!

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