Upland Team at Gainbridge FieldhouseAs part of Upland Brewing Company’s partnership with the Indiana Pacers, members of the Upland team took to the court at Gainbridge Fieldhouse this week. Not only were we testing our basketball prowess, we were spending time with colleagues who don’t always get to work directly together, combining members of our wholesale and hospitality businesses. We spent the day taking part in basketball drills, some of which the Pacers do before games and other competitions that put our skills to the test.

To lead our team to victory, we had National Basketball League legend Fred Jones with us! Drafted by the Indiana Pacers in 2002, Fred made a name for himself with 10+ point game averages during the 2004-2005 season and scored a career-high 31 points in a game against the Orlando Magic. On this day though, we called him “coach,” and hoped he didn’t judge our skills too harshly. He was also kind enough to answer all our questions about playing for the Pacers.

On to the drills! We made layups, played knock-out, a half-court basketball game, and had a 3-point shooting contest. Some of us were better than others, but we all left it out on the court. We’re also pleased to report that we’re much better craft beer makers than basketball players, thankfully so.

Upland team stand-outs include Billy Setster, a dishwasher at our Bloomington location with impressive hoop skills.

Hosting a team-building experience at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, the home of one of our city’s most impactful teams, was incredible. The Upland Brewing Company logo shining proudly on the scoreboard at center court was humbling, and playing alongside a former Pacer was exciting. While so many of us work in different areas of the business, coming together to shoot hoops, talk ball, and try to play a little ourselves was truly a special, bucket list experience. Thank you to the Pacers, Fred, and Gainbridge Fieldhouse for accommodating our team! Now, back to the beer.


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