Indy Winterfest 2023 - Upland Brewering Brewer's View

A cold February day lends itself nicely to a large gathering of craft beer connoisseurs coming together to celebrate a mutual love for great brew. That’s why, once again, Upland Brewing Company was pleased to join nonprofit Brewers of Indiana Guild for its 14th annual winter fundraiser, Winterfest. This year’s event benefited Joy’s House, a not-for-profit organization that provides physical, mental and financial relief for families caring for a loved one.

This year, as in years past, the crowds were upbeat and lines often long. These folks are more than willing to wait for good beer, and good beer was in large supply. The Upland draft trailer, which was new for us this year, helped us keep the line moving faster than years past. But what can we say: people were willing to wait for the special brews coming from our taps. This included fan favorites like Dragonfly, Champagne Velvet and our Wheat Ale, but also Teddy Bear Kisses, Patio Cat, Juiced in Time, Schwartz, Raspberry Lambic, Cherry Lambic and Boysenberry Lambic.

We wanted this year’s event to have a theme beyond beer that also spoke to our brand. With our new partnership with the Indiana Pacers and Indiana University Athletics, the theme was (please excuse our pun, we can’t help it) a slam dunk! The Upland booth hosted a Pop-A-Shot that occasionally boasted a longer line than some of the beer booths. In the end, it was a score of 149 that won four lower-level Pacers game tickets. Congrats, Jaron! And of course Upland koozies were supplied to all fans, regardless of their ball skills.

Sticking to theme, we had a dozen Upland Brewing Company employees clad in basketball and referee jerseys, ready to serve and break up any foul play. Thankfully the only penalties were when a beer tap ran out or someone in the crowd broke a glass.

Thanks so much to the Brewers of Indiana Guild, our Upland team members, and the hundreds of Hoosier beer fans who attended for making this event possible. Community is such a cornerstone of the Upland brand, and the community aspect of Winterfest always makes us feel a deeper connection with our fellow Hoosiers. We hope to see you next time!





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