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Side Trail Series #2: Bock Ness Monster

From the depths of German tradition comes Side Trail Series #2, Bock Ness Monster. Historically German monks brewed this behemoth beer to sustain them through their Lent fast. Like the doppelbocks before him, Bock Ness Monster’s aroma is dominated by…
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Devour Btown

12 DELICIOUS DAYS OF THREE-COURSE MEALS - Devour Btown starts tomorrow! No tickets needed - When you visit the Brewpub just ask for the Devour Menu. (more…)
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Mug Club Game Night

    Hope to see you at the West Side Beer Bar! Cheers. Not a Mug Club Member? Here's the deal... (more…)
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Spring Is Calling

Sometimes, after a long day out in the wilderness, you just want to get back to camp and unwind, the flickering flames of the fire gently coaxing you to sleep. This beer isn't for those times. No, our brightly hopped…

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Public Sour Sale

Orphaned bottles from our most recent sour lottery will go on sale to the public at all Upland locations Saturday, March 14th. This most recent release included: Blueberry, Blackberry, Dantalion, VinoSynth White and VinoSynth Red. Quantities are limited and will go fast. Visit our locations page for hours of the Upland location nearest you.
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Shamrock Run

The silly run begins with a toast and 3 ounces of local brew. You then enjoy another beer each kilometer (give or take a few meters). When you finish, you receive your medal and a pint-glass of your favorite.
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Sub 9 Death March

Teams of two compete to be the first to reach a select list of historical cemeteries in and around the Hoosier National Forest. A digital picture in front of each cemetery sign will be proof of reaching the check-point. Teams will race to five mandatory check-points, two of which will be drawn and announced the…
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Yelp Paints the Town Red

Yelp is rolling out the red carpet for one canvas painting, cocktail sipping, morsel munching night at Union Station! We're doing it big style. Over 50 businesses and organizations will share samples and services under the roof of the beautiful Union Station. Before anything else this is a 21+ only event, all must RSVP INDIVIDUALLY ON…